Queensland Pub Bans Emus for Bad Behaviour

Queensland Pub Bans Emus for Bad Behaviour
The emus in question, presumably casing the joint. Image: Chris Gimblett via the ABC.

A rural Queensland pub has banned emus for wreaking absolute havoc. Frankly, you gotta respect their game.

The pub in question is the Yaraka Hotel in outback Queensland. The emus were hatched and brought up in Isisford, the closest town to the pub where the feathered ferals have been causing a ruckus.

Since growing up they have learned to climb the steps of the local watering hole and forcing their patronage upon locals and tourists alike.

“What’s te good word, lads?” Image: Chris Gimblett via the ABC.

“We didn’t really want them becoming patrons in the hotel,” owner Chris Gimblett told ABC News.

“Because when they do get in here, they behave a bit badly.”

Once inside the emus have been fond of stealing food, drinks and even car keys.

They also seem to enjoy establishing dominance by pooping wherever they please. And if anyone has ever seen emu excrement, it’s rather large.

“That’s the biggest problem… because they do toilet quite frequently,” Gimblett said to ABC News.

The sign warning patrons to help keep the emus out. Image: Chris Gimblett via the ABC.

As a result the Yaraka Hotel has erected a literal emu barrier to keep the maniacs out.

“Emu’s have been banned from this establishment for bad behaviour,” a sign on the hotel door reads.

“Please let yourself in through the emu barrier and then reconnect it please!”

I for one welcome our new emu overlords.