New Galaxy Note 20 Leak Shows the S Pen’s Magic Wand Abilities

New Galaxy Note 20 Leak Shows the S Pen’s Magic Wand Abilities
Image: Roland Quandt/Twitter

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

Every day closer to the big Galaxy Unpacked Samsung launch event increases the likelihood that revelations will leak early, and we’ve got yet another one about the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 to share with you.

Firstly, a quick one: despite rumours to the contrary, the Note 20 will indeed come with a charger – and it’ll be a fast charger. Yay!

OK, so we would have preferred a 40W charger, but at least there IS a charger. Less good news for the environment though, obviously, and we suspect chargers with new phones will still start to be phased out soon.

Meanwhile, a new image of the Mystic White colourway from 91Mobiles shows both sides and the edge profile of the phone, which unfortunately confirms that the camera hump is indeed massive:

Image: 91Mobiles

However, you’ll be able to disguise it within these official Smart Clear View Cases:

The packaging mentions they fit both the Note 20 Ultra 5G and the Note 20 Ultra, so there will indeed be a 5G-less version.

And finally, a bit of a demo of those magic wand-type features we’ve heard about from the new low-latency S Pen. Jimmy Is Promo shows some official-looking instructions on the phone itself:

It’s kind of like Jaguar Land Rover’s touchless touchscreen, which is a bonus in the year of not touching things. Maybe we can use it to sign for our parcel containing the iPhone 12. [Slashgear]