Miles Morales’ Video Game Suit Is So Goddamn Cool

Miles Morales’ Video Game Suit Is So Goddamn Cool
Looking good, Spider-Man! (Image: Sony)

It’s not been all that long since we got the amazing, spectacular, fantastic, and ultimate news that Miles Morales would be gracing the launch of the PlayStation 5 with his very own video game. And now we know he’s going to be swinging into action in style.

Today, Sony gave us a look at what the boxes for Playstation 5 games will look like, and well: looks like a box, really. Not the most exciting thing in the world. But the “reveal” did also give us our first look at the cover art for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the clunkily titled successor to the similarly clunkily titled (but very good) Marvel’s Spider-Man.

It’s as spartan as the box art for the first game, simply depicting Miles swinging into action on an equally-simple gradient background. But it lets us get our best look yet at Miles’ Spider-suit as it appears in the game, clean and sans the lighting distractions of in-game screenshots we saw during its brief reveal last month. And friends? Spider-fans?

Dunno what to tell you team, it looks like a box. (Image: Sony) Dunno what to tell you team, it looks like a box. (Image: Sony)

This is some extremely good shit. Unlike the first game’s “Advanced Suit” for Peter ” which, while it eventually grew on you, was designed by Sara Pichelli all those years ago. But getting right up close to it like you can with this box art, you begin to see so many little details that bring that faithful design in line with the aesthetic established by the first game in the series.

Miles’ red torso design being raised up like it’s padded armour, in a similar way to how, in-fiction, the Advanced Suit’s spider-emblem was meant to be an armoured distraction for Peter’s foes, is great. The techy greebling all over the actual suit itself so it’s not just plain Spandex breaks up the plain black coloration. It’s subtle, but it breaks up Miles’ silhouette just enough when you stare at it without distracting from the wider image. And it the fact that it subtlety translates down to his gauntlets, which have extra padding and tech embedded in them ” presumably to help conduct Miles’ bioelectric powers into attacks ” is a smart take on the idea, instead of it being overdesign for overdesign’s sake.

No doubt Miles, like Pete, will please and thank you Insomniac) to get kitted out into when Spider-Man: Miles Morales hits the PlayStation 5 later this year. But they’re going to have to be really cool ones to have us considering switching out of this brilliant rendition on his classic design.