Lucifer’s First Season 5 Trailer Brings the Heat and Then Some

Lucifer’s First Season 5 Trailer Brings the Heat and Then Some
Image: Netflix

In the same way that Lucifer, a show that was on the brink of season five trailer.

Though Lucifer’s fourth season closed out on the king of Hell returning to his infernal throne, the new season trailer makes clear that he’s got a date with destiny back on Earth amongst the mortals. Just when Chloe Decker and the rest of Lucifer’s squad finally get to a point in their grieving when they can begin to let Lucifer go and move on, he’s right back in the mix of their lives and, as one might expect, he’s brought more than a bit of trouble along with him.

Lucifer explains that while it might not seem to his buddies as if he’s been gone all that long, time functions differently in hell, meaning that he’s actually been in the Bad Place for over a 1,000 years, leading to his all-new, all-different demeanour. As the trailer goes on, though, Lucifer 2.0 makes clear that his new outlook on life is a bit more complicated than he initially let on.

Lucifer’s fifth season hits Netflix on August 21.

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