Looks Like Huawei’s Planning a Foldable Phone Called the Mate V

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

We’ve already heard today that the upcoming successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold will likely be called the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (the Z part is load-bearing, clearly), and now we have another lead on a potential future foldy phone and its name.

Huawei has trademarked the name Huawei Mate V, which could well be the follow-up to the Mate X folding flagship and its sibling the Mate XS.

There have been some rumours swirling that Huawei has abandoned its previous commitment to outward-folding phones, on which the folding display faces outwards so you can still use it when the handset is shut. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold closes inwards, with the large screen inaccessible on the inside. The company added a secondary, smaller screen on the outside to make up for it, and it looks like that will still be the case on the Z Fold 2.

As Slashgear points out, V is pretty much the ideal letter for a folding phone, on account of it looking like… a folding phone. Of course, Samsung’s choice of Z could also denote a three-way foldy phone in the future.

Now that folding batteries are almost ready for mass production, foldables might finally catch on — and it looks like all the big brands are still betting on them. Even Huawei, which has had some pretty major problems of late and could be forgiven for laying off the expensive R&D for a while.

We’ll keep you updated if and when there’s any new information about the Huawei Mate V. Anyone else waiting for the <, a folding phone that makes the PacMan noise as you’re closing it? Wakka wakka wakka. [Slashgear]