Let’s Hope Netflix’s New Dragon’s Dogma Anime Is Easier to Get Through Than the Game

Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma is a notoriously difficult hack-and-slash adventure game in which a young warrior becomes the world’s only hope of avoiding an apocalypse after their heart is ripped from their body by a mythical dragon. Absent of their heart, the warrior becomes known as the heroic “Arisen,” who’s destined to take the dragon on in battle. That story’s about to make its way to Netflix as a new series.

It’s been a while since Netflix announced that the Sublimation-produced Dragon’s Dogma series is on its way to the streaming platform. But now we know just when it’s actually coming, and how it’ll bring the cult RPG to life. The answers? This fall, and seemingly pretty faithfully, at least according to the initial premise: the Dragon’s Dogma anime will introduce Ethan, the newest Arisen, and Hannah, his Pawn (a companion warrior among legions the Arisen is granted the power to summon), as they set out to slay the titular dragon.

While Netflix hasn’t said just how much its series will follow along with the plot of the original video game, the studio did drop a handful of images of its core cast of characters including Ethan’s love potential interest Olivia, which similarly don’t say much about what to expect from the story beyond that early premise.

Ethan and his love interest Olivia. (Image: Netflix)
Ethan holding a shiny object. (Image: Netflix)
A mysterious woman known as Hannah, bearing the mark of a Pawn. (Image: Netflix)
That gosh-darned dragon who likes stealing people's hearts. (Image: Netflix)

Dragon’s Dogma hits Netflix on September 17.