Infinity Train’s Season 3 Trailer Throws a Shocking New Mystery Onboard

Infinity Train’s Season 3 Trailer Throws a Shocking New Mystery Onboard
Something's going on with Hazel. (Image: HBO Max)

After spending years living on an endless , there are some mysteries that can shock even the most seasoned passenger. In this case, that would be the story of Hazel and the “Cult of the Conductor.”

HBO Max has released the first trailer for Book 3 of Infinity Train, the Cartoon Network series that has been moved to the streaming platform. It debuted during the Infinity Train virtual panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which featured showrunner Owen Dennis and several of the series writers.

This season focuses on Grace and Simon, the leaders of a rebel group called the Apex, which Mirror Tulip and Jesse came across in season two. The Apex have vowed to never leave, which goes against the train’s purpose of helping people sort through their personal issues. And there’s a deeper reason for that.

According to writer Lindsay Katai, it’s because the Apex have created their own myth about how the train really works, after spending years without a true conductor (meaning One-One) telling them their purpose of being on the train. Their so-called “Cult of the Conductor” looks to be connected to Amelia, the person who was in control of the train in season one and was later removed. The Apex kids wear their high passenger numbers like a badge of honour and do everything they can to get the number up, not down. In addition, the kids view any character or creature that “belongs” to the train as a threat to their way of life. This includes One-One, who they see as an imposter.

Everything changes after Grace and Simon are separated from the rest of their group and come across Hazel, a young girl living in a jungle car with a giant gorilla named Tuba. Hazel technically has a number, but there’s something wrong with it: The light has gone out. The Apex leaders vow to bring Hazel back to their group to figure out what’s going on, but along the way, Hazel’s love of the train car’s inhabitants pokes a hole in their long-held distrust. Supervising director Madeline Queripel noted that a major theme this season is motherhood.

So, what can we expect in the future? Dennis said they hope to make more seasons of the show, and that he has several more ideas in mind. That said, he said it kind of depends on how viewers respond to this later season on HBO Max. If more people watch, he noted, the chance increases that they’ll get to continue telling the story of Infinity Train.

“We would love to make more of them. We’ve got a total of eight different ideas for stuff we’d love to make,” Dennis said. “We’d love to make them all because they all cover different themes and topics we’d like to get into and explore with the show.”

Infinity Train Book 3 debuts on HBO Max August 14. It will likely come to Stan in Australia, but no release date has been confirmed yet.