If You Didn’t Get A McLaren Senna, The 2021 Ford Bronco Will Sate Your Lust For A Vehicle With A Hole In The Door

It was in mid-December of 2017 when I got the bad news. The 500th and final of McLaren’s hyper exclusive Senna hypercars had been allocated and I would not, in fact, get to drive home with a super awesome hole that I could see through in my door. I considered renting one of those NASCAR saws to cut a hole in my old Bugatti Veyron’s door, but ultimately decided against it because it’s a vintage car now and I couldn’t stand to modify it. I have never been more disappointed to have a company not accept my 7-figure check.

That is, until Ford showed me the way.

The McLaren Senna was an ugly duckling, but I would have put up with its high price, acquired taste styling, and atrocious fuel mileage to be able to watch the road go by through a window at my left hip. I never expected a non-hypercar, and a Ford no less, to offer such an exquisite luxury. Not only that, but instead of filling the hole with a polycarbonate window, Ford just left this one open to the air. Imagine the cooling sensation of wind rushing over your nethers at speed in the Bronco two-door with a giant hole in the door.

I really want to let the outdoors indoors, and Ford is allowing me to do that. What McLaren wanted over a million dollars for, Ford will sell you for just over thirty grand! Man, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of that savings. Maybe I’ll buy some cargo shorts to show off my calves to the folks in the HOV lane on the interstate. They can see through my doors, so that seems like the natural move.

I wonder if it goes faster with the holes in the doors? Speedholes. Yeah, that’s sound science.

Photo: Ford

Wait a damn minute… You can take the doors off? Like o – f – f off? This changes everything!

I could buy one new Ford Bronco two-door for every day of the month (plus a couple) for what McLaren saved me by not taking my Senna deposit three years ago. It’s a good thing I invested all of that money in TSLA stock when McLaren turned me down, now I can buy all of Ford.