Hasbro’s Next Crowdfunding Project Is an X-Tremely Big Sentinel

Hasbro’s Next Crowdfunding Project Is an X-Tremely Big Sentinel
This thing doesn't just locate and destroy mutants, it locates and destroys wallets. (Image: Hasbro)

Hasbro’s move into diehards-only crowdfunding projects has already given us wildly out there toys like a 3.75″-scaled Star Wars sail barge, or the Transformers Unicron the size of a grown man’s torso. Its next project is venturing to the world of Marvel, new territory for the crowdfunder ” but its ludicrous size is quite familiar.

The third project to come to the Haslab platform is the company’s largest-ever Sentinel action figure. It’s not just the largest Sentinel Hasbro has ever done ” there’s been smaller figures made as “build-a-figure” bonus, and even a 15″-tall one for the 3.75″ Legends Infinite line ” it’s the largest Marvel Legends figure the company’s made full stop, designed to be in-scale with the 6″-scaled action figures. Meaning it’s 60 centimetres.

Besides being big enough to wield as a bludgeoning device, the Haslab Sentinel has a wild amount of articulation ” including 20 points in each hand so it can grasp and manipulate any poor X-Men it happens to scoop up ” and even has light-up features in its chest and eyes. If that wasn’t enough, the final product includes an 18″-long, articulated tentacle accessory that attaches onto the Sentinel’s hand (all the better to wrangle mutants), and, if you weren’t convinced of just how big the damn thing was meant to be, an actual 6″ Marvel Legends action figure to boot.

Specifically, Bastion, the fusion of the Sentinel-building Master Mould and the future Sentinel Nimrod. Bastion even has an alternate head to turn him into Sentinel Prime. It’s Sentinels all the way down!

Bastion comes included — or Sentinel Prime, if you're feeling fancy. (Image: Hasbro)Bastion comes included

Or, rather, could be. As with past Haslab projects, the Sentinel is being crowdfunded, and will only be released if 6,000 fans pre-order between now and August 24 ” and commit to paying a whopping $US350 ($504) while doing so. That’s a lot to ask, but don’t doubt the tenacity of action figure collectors or their willingness to part with money: both Jabba’s sail barge and Unicron, which asked for much more ($US500 ($720) and $US575 ($828), respectively) were both successfully funded. The Sentinel is already well on the way too, so if you want get in on a mutant-hunting machine of your very own, you can head on over to Hasbro Pulse and chip in.