First Look at the James Bond Gadgets in Aston Martin’s $5 Million Goldfinger DB5

First Look at the James Bond Gadgets in Aston Martin’s $5 Million Goldfinger DB5
Casual rear spray on the Aston Martin DB5

Over a year ago we discovered Aston Martin was releasing its first DB5 vehicle in 50 years. This stunning car was made famous by Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond in Goldfinger. So naturally Aston Martin filled this new version full of spy gadgets. Now, the first one has come off the production line.

aston martin DB5 Goldfinger
Even without the gadets the DB5 is stunning

The DB5 is the latest in a line of Continuation cars from Aston Martin. Last year it debuted a modern version of its classic Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato racing car at Le Mans. Also, it had no rear window.

Now, the luxury car manufacturer has brought back a James Bond favourite, with enough gadgets to make its cashed-up drivers feel like a real spy.

James Bond Gadgets

The retro phone is a gorgeous touch

What makes the new DB5 particularly special is its gadgets. The new model pays homage to Goldfinger, so Aston Martin decided to put a tonne of gadgets from the film into the  real world car.

It’s very fun and when buyers are dropping that much cash, why not?

Here’s a full list of what’s included:


A casual rear bullet shield
  • Rear smoke screen delivery system
  • Rear simulated oil slick delivery system
  • Revolving number plates front and rear (triple plates)
  • Simulated twin front machine guns
  • Bullet resistant rear shield
  • Battering rams front and rear
  • Simulated tyre slasher
  • Removable passenger seat roof panel (optional equipment)


Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger
And a tonne of retro tech switches, of course
  • Simulated radar screen tracker map
  • Telephone in driver’s door
  • Gear knob actuator button
  • Armrest and centre console-mounted switch gear
  • Under-seat hidden weapons/storage tray
  • Remote control for gadget activation

DB5 Goldfinger Price and Availability


When Aston Martin says something is a limited edition, it means it. Only 25 DB5 Goldfinger editions will be unleashed on the world.

And perhaps that’s for the best. It’s highly unlikely any of us could afford one. The cost of one of these bad boys is £2.75 million. That roughly converts to $5.1 million here in Australia. Ouch.

We don’t know when all of them will be available, but the first model is debuting in the UK this week.