You Don’t Need to Say the Magic Word for This Comic-Con Exclusive Jurassic Park Nedry Figure

You Don’t Need to Say the Magic Word for This Comic-Con Exclusive Jurassic Park Nedry Figure
Photo: Mattel

Despite an online experience that includes a myriad of exclusives no longer only available on the show floor. That includes this Jurassic Park-inspired fake Barbasol shaving cream can that opens to reveal a Dennis Nedry figure instead of frozen dinosaur embryos.

Mattel has been not only bringing its exclusive collectibles A-game to San Diego Comic-Con over the past few years, it’s also been showing Jurassic Park a lot of love. Following up on last year’s John Hammond figure that came in packaging inspired by the fictitious theme park’s towering front gates, this year we’re getting a new Dennis Nedry (with a different outfit and sculpt than this Nedry) with packaging that far outshines the actual figure.

This 3.75-inch, Hawaiian shirt clad Nedry figure is based on the character’s first appearance in the film, when he’s met by Dodgson while enjoying a tropical breakfast by the sea. Accessories include a totally inconspicuous giant bag of money, a tiny Barbasol can, and a slice of cherry pie topped with shaving cream. But like an inside-out Twinkie, the real reason collectors and Jurassic Park fans will be clamoring for this figure is the packaging; a near life-size Barbasol shaving cream can that ” like the prop in the film ” slides open to reveal a secret inside.

The can doesn’t actually contain any shaving cream, but twisting the base before opening triggers a bunch of LEDs creating a “dramatic light effect,” while pressing the nozzle on top plays one of several of Nedry’s lines from Jurassic Park, including “Uh, uh, uh! You didn’t say the magic word!” Pre-orders for the $30 figure are available on Entertainment Earth, and later on Mattel Creations come July, but collectors are encouraged to follow @MattelCreations on Twitter for more details on availability ” as, online convention or not, the SDCC-exclusive figure will only be available in limited quantities.