Y: the Last Man Is Now on the Run to Streaming

Y: the Last Man Is Now on the Run to Streaming
Yorick being gross. (Image: Pia Guerra, Jose Marzan Jr., Zylonol, Clem Robins, Vertigo)

Much like its adaptation is on the run once again, though this time it’s running to an entirely new network.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, instead of the FX network proper, Y: The Last Man is now slated to premiere on FX on Hulu (that’s the FX content-centric corner of Hulu’s larger streaming platform, where shows like Crossing Swords and Solar Opposites live).

While the jump from airing on cable to streaming might sound odd, it’s all part of Disney’s (which owns Hulu) plan to generate interest in its FX on Hulu platform. The comic book series, along with an American Horror Story spinoff anthology titled American Horror Stories, makes up half of the service’s new shows launching in the near future. You may recall Alex Garland’s Devs made a similar jump this past year.

Given that production in Hollywood continues to be generally halted due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, it’s unclear when either Y: The Last Man or American Horror Stories might make it onto our screens, but the studio wants the public to know that it definitely wants that to happen eventually.

There is currently no word on where the show will end up in Australia.