What Is Doom Patrol’s Flex Mentallo Staring At?

What Is Doom Patrol’s Flex Mentallo Staring At?
Who's ready to flex? (Image: DC Universe)

Remember that time on Doom Patrol when Flex Mentallo, the Hero of the Beach, ended up accidentally giving the entire Doom Patrol, a roving band of cabaret performers, and a sentient street spontaneous orgasms by flexing his muscles? Of course you do, because who forgets something wild like that?

Though Danny the Street was literally bricked when last they appeared on Doom Patrol, it seems as if Flex and Danny’s other denizens are making their way back to the series in the next episode (the first three debuted last week on DC Universe and HBO Max), presumably to get their dear friend back in working order. The latest set of photos for the episode ” “Sex Patrol” ” feature Flex quite prominently with a number of different characters, suggesting that, well he’s going to… have sex with one of them? Who knows. Considering how Flex’s powers all boil down to him being able to effectively manipulate the whole of reality, everything’s really open to interpretation. Take a sneak peek at the next episode

Flex Mentallo just grinning like a dope. (Image: DC Universe)Flex Mentallo just grinning like a dope. (Image: DC Universe)

Regardless of the situation, Flex is can almost always be seen smiling at nothing in particular and just being amiable with anyone who strikes a conversation with him. It never seems to dawn on him that his leopard print shorts might make those who don’t know him slightly uncomfortable, but given the background in this shot, it seems as if he’s dressed appropriately, all things considered.

Flex, Dorothy, Maura, and Negative Man doing... something involving a spotlight (Image: DC Universe)Flex, Dorothy, Maura, and Negative Man doing… something involving a spotlight (Image: DC Universe)

Maura’s back on the scene making friends with young Dorothy Spinner, being the centre of attention, and paying Flex absolutely no mind because whatever it is that he’s paying attention to is far less important than Danny the Brick apparently being broken into two pieces. Perhaps Flex could muscle magic him back together.

Maura getting in on the gossip. (Image: DC Universe)Maura getting in on the gossip. (Image: DC Universe)

Wherever Flex and Maura are, at some point the two of them are going to have a moment where they sync up and both stare at the same mysterious-arse thing that’s just out of frame here. Whatever it is, Maura seems to know precisely how she feels about and Flex…. Flex is just kinda taking it all in and being confused by it?

Dorothy Spinner having a moment. (Image: DC Universe)Dorothy Spinner having a moment. (Image: DC Universe)

You’d think that something wild enough to catch Dorothy, Maura, and Larry Trainor’s attention would also be riveting to Flex, but nope. He’s still just got that blank-ish look on his face that says “Wow, what the hell am I looking at, and what are these feelings?”

Flex... flirting? (Image: DC Universe)Flex… flirting? (Image: DC Universe)

On some level, Rita always wanted to be the sort of famous Hollywood icon whose very presence inspired people (fans, ideally) to throw themselves at her, but she likely didn’t envision someone like Flex coming into her orbit in the midst of what looks like a very tame Pride party. Perhaps Rita’s what Flex has been staring at this whole time?

Flex flexing. (Image: DC Universe)Flex flexing. (Image: DC Universe)

Honestly, he really shouldn’t be doing this, what with his muscles being dangerous weapons and all.

The Sex Men. (Image: DC Universe)The Sex Men. (Image: DC Universe)

With all this flexing and the meaningful stares, it isn’t surprising that the Sex Men ” characters from Grant Morrison’s run on the Doom Patrol comics ” show up to deal with whatever madness is going on.

What’s abundantly apparent, though, is that whatever Flex is up to, he seems pretty damned pleased with himself about it. Though really, he’s always been the sort of person to be in a perpetually good mood.

“Sex Patrol,” the fourth episode of Doom Patrol‘s second season, premieres this Saturday in the U.S. It does not currently have an Australian release date.

What Is Doom Patrol’s Flex Mentallo Staring At?