The Newest Crossing Swords Trailer Introduces a Messy, Vulgar Fantasy World

Patrick (Nicholas Hoult), the star of Crossing Swords.  (Image: Sony Pictures Animation)
Patrick (Nicholas Hoult), the star of Crossing Swords. (Image: Sony Pictures Animation)

Crossing Swords is a new fantasy comedy, and if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to check it out, this full trailer might provide some more insight.

Welcome to the one of the most goofily vulgar fantasy settings you’ve ever seen, and meet your stars: a harried squire named Patrick, and a whole rat’s nest of horny pervert weirdos that he has to find some way to contend with. In his review, Charles Pulliam-Moore called the show “juvenile”, but not, like, necessarily in a bad way. Sometimes, stupid is good, and the vibe this show is giving off is influenced by a whole generation of self-consciously stupid animation. Considering it’s made by the people behind Robot Chicken, that’s no surprise.

The trailer is also a nice chance to see the show’s toy-heavy animation aesthetic in action, which looks like what would happen if some very cheap doll sets went through puberty and then never matured any further. But, honestly, it’s pretty well done.

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Crossing Swords stars Nicholas Hoult as the young squire Patrick, alongside performances by Rob Corddry, Alanna Ubach, Tony Hale, Adam Pally, and Yvette-Nicole Brown. It’s on Hulu now, but requires the use of a VPN to access in Australia.