The Best Jurassic Park Figure Mattel’s Ever Made Is Now This Spit-Covered Nedry

The Best Jurassic Park Figure Mattel’s Ever Made Is Now This Spit-Covered Nedry

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, the regular Gizmodo roundup of the most fun toys and collectibles around the internet lately. This week: Hot Toys gives us another excellent Spider-Man; the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda stroll into Medicom’s MAFEX line; and an affordable, adorable Iron Giant arrives. Check it out!

Hot Toys Spider-Man Spider Armour MK IV Suit Sixth-Scale Figure

Another week, another Spider-Man, the Hot Toys Figure, based on Spider-Man, the Very Good Video Game. This time, there’s even more weirdness, actually, because technically, this suit is based on how it appears in the game, but it’s actually a recreation of the Spider Armour MK IV as seen in the All-New, All-Different run of The Amazing Spider-Man. So technically it’s about as close as we’ve gotten so far to a straight up Comic Book Spidey from Hot Toys.

But also: it just looks cool. The sparkly sheen of the MK IV armour, the glowing green in the lenses and the Spider-Logo ” it keeps the bold colours of a suit from the comics while adding enough texture and techy elements to reasonably look like an electronically enhanced suit of armour more than a Spandex costume. (Full disclosure: Maybe we played a lot of Spider-Man wearing this suit. Maybe.)

Unlike many of Hot Toys’ Spider-Man alternate suit figures, this Spidey comes with quite a few accessories. Aside from the usual alternate hands and mask lenses, he comes with a few strings of webbing and other web-FX pieces, as well as a Spider-Drone inspired by the design in the game. But on top of that, the specialised stand the MK IV comes with has special LED lighting units to show off the reflective print of the suit, revealing a hexagonal design. Get ready to take so many pictures when he drops in summer 2021. [Hot Toys]

Mattel Jurassic Park Amber Collection Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus Figures

Mattel may have lost most of its rights for making toys based on DC Comics franchises, but the company is making up for it with some truly excellent lines based on other properties, including expanding its Jurassic Park Amber Collection with a poison-spitting dilophosaurus and a Dennis Nedry figure loaded with accessories. For some reason the frilled dino is the more expensive of the two at $45 (available for pre-order now with delivery expected in July), while Nedry is $40 but includes a spinning “East Dock” road sign, a small can of Barbasol with hidden embryo storage, and an alternate spit-splattered head.

Diamond Select Toys Iron Giant SDCC 2020 Cosmo Burger Action Figure

In an alternate dimension San Diego Comic-Con 2020 gets underway next month, but in our reality it will only exist as live-streamed panels and YouTube trailer reveals. SDCC exclusives will still be available, although only to buy online, starting with Diamond Select Toys’ new nine-inch The Iron Giant figure pretending to be a burger joint billboard. The fully articulated figure from Iron Giant includes glowing light-up eyes, but because it’s an SDCC exclusive, it will be limited to just 3,000 pieces. But unlike many other SDCC offerings, it’s reasonably priced at about $60.

Medicom MAFEX Star Wars The Mandalorian and The Child

There have been so many action figures of Din Djarin at this point they almost blur together. But Medicom’s entry into its excellent 6″ scale MAFEX line stands out mostly because it looks like one of the most detailed and posable takes yet specifically on the fully-kitted out Beskar version of The Mandalorian‘s titular hero. As well as coming with his trusty blaster pistol and phase rifle, Djarin includes a knife, an extended wrist-gauntlet depicting his grappling wire shooting out, and another to show his flamethrower erupting in fire.

Oh, and of course, he comes with Baby Yoda! Alas, the lil’ lad is just a solid statuette rather than a teeny posable figure in his own right, but really, he can still be held by or posed next to Djarin as he blasts his way through anyone trying to get their hands on the cutest asset in the galaxy, and that’s all that matters. The Mando and Child will be available in Japan from December for around $115. [Medicom]