The 2020 Ford Ranger Has A Surprisingly Interesting Accessory Catalog

The 2020 Ford Ranger Has A Surprisingly Interesting Accessory Catalog
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I was drowning my sorrows in car-buying fantasies the other day at Ford’s build-and-price site spec’ing out Rangers and realised, hey, there are a lot more neat factory-available accessories than I would have thought. Since I know many of you are on my level of truck nerdiness, I feel inclined to share this.

I’ve yet to drive a new U.S.-market Ranger (I know!) and haven’t been exceedingly stoked about it since the launch a couple of years ago. But I don’t mind the styling, I hear the engine’s good, and I dig that you can order one with a locking rear differential.

In case you were wondering, I got my hypothetical truck’s price down to about $US31,000 ($44,680) for a long bed, four-wheel drive EcoBoost Ranger with the bare-minimal options: Rear locker, hoop bar in the bed, “RANGER” side graphics. This price is for an XL-trim base model machine.

The FX4 off-road package seems like a good deal, but the build site requires you to bundle it with some tech on that’s not cheap and makes you ditch the steel wheels which I really like. The screenshot above is my configuration. Nice, right? Only thing it needs are four KC lights with yellow covers on that black hoop plus a great set of tires and this would be a wicked little getaround truck.

Anyway, the bed hoop is one thing but the whole list of options struck me as surprisingly extensive. Hence, this post. I’ll share and rate all the ones worth looking at:

Sports Bar: Truck Yeah

Screenshot: Ford

As I just established all pickups look so goshdang cool with these. Note: Though they look like safety devices, bars like this are typically just for looks and mounting things on. That’s why they have names like “Sports Bar” instead of “Roll Bar.”

You might also be able to get one fabricated for less money. Or, make your own out of PVC pipe! (Kidding.) (Don’t do that.)

Splash Guards: Hell Yeah

Screenshot: Ford

I can one hundred per cent picture a future version of me, owning a 10-year-old Ranger, finding a complete set of these on a wrecked one in a junkyard and being thrilled for the rest of the week. “And they even still have the ‘RANGER’ plate,” I’ll exclaim on whatever social media exists then.

Pivot Storage Box: Future Classic

Screenshot: Ford

You won’t even be able to find these in junkyards at all because they’ll be picked out before the wrecked cars even end up online. These will be hot commodities on truck forums in the future because they appear to have an epic combination of inherent coolness and actual utility.

Tailgate Applique: Nah

Screenshot: Ford

This kind, of sort, of makes the Ranger look like a Raptor, but then again, it also looks a little like the tailgate on an old-timey horse cart. I give points to Ford’s product people for the fact that it exists but I’m not really into it.

Hood Scoop: Oh No

Screenshot: Ford

Yeah, I’m not even against fake scoops on principle, but this is just way too discordant with the Ranger’s chunky hood design to make any kind of sense. This looks like a mod I’d scroll by in some Need For Speed game and then go, ew, and pass.

Graphics Kit: Totally

Screenshot: Ford

I love this, and I say that without a whiff of irony. I think this gives the Ranger a little old-school charm and that’s all there is to it.

Side Exit Exhaust: Uh, Yeah Dude

Screenshot: Ford

Does this exhaust add any horsepower? Ford makes no such claim, so I doubt it. Will it sound good? Unknown. Will exhaust tips positioned off the side of your truck look bad? If by bad we’re talking baaad, when baaad means good, then, uh, yeah.

Fender Vent: No Thanks

Screenshot: Ford

I’m not into it, but I’ll defend to the death your right to order it. OK, maybe not “to the death.” Or “defend.” But you can get it. I don’t care.

Door Rocker Panels: Weirdly Into It

Screenshot: Ford

This is sort of in the same school orbit as any of the other stick-on cladding but for some reason, I find this cool-looking. I can’t explain it.

None of these options are enticing enough to get me to go into debt over a car purchase, but they are fun and I hope you enjoyed reading my summary as much as I enjoyed examining the things.