Telstra Has Some Cheaper NBN Plans Right Now

Telstra Has Some Cheaper NBN Plans Right Now
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Telstra is offering up some cheaper NBN plans right now if you’re in the mood for an upgrade.

Telstra has slashed $10 off all of its NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans for the first year. That comes to a total saving of $120 over 12 months.

This brings the entry level NBN 50 plan down to $80 a month and its entry level NBN 100 plan down to $100 a month. This doesn’t make them the cheapest options in market, but it’s not bad for a major ISP like Telstra.

There are a couple of  caveats, though. These cheaper NBN plans are contract-free, but you need to stay on them for 24 months if you don’t want to end up paying out the remaining value of the modem they’ll send you.

This is important because like we said above, the discount is only applied to the first 12 months that you’re on the plan. So if you decide to leave right after the discount expires, you’ll need to pay back $108 to Telstra.

Comparatively, it will only only cost you $12 more to just stick the plan out for the extra 12 months. And at least then you’re getting that service and not just a pay out fee.


The good news is that the modem included with this plan comes with 4G backup for those time that NBN has a hissy fit.

It’s also worth noting that only customers with either FTTP or HFC will be able to get the Telstra NBN 100 plan.

Customers who sign up online will have their $99 connection free waived and Telstra will throw in a month of Foxtel Now for free.

Here’s what Telsra’s cheaper NBN plans look like:

This Telstra promo runs until June 30, do you’ve got a little while to decide.

And if you’re after a comparison, or something even cheaper, here’s what these deals look like next to some competitors in market.

NBN 50 Plans

NBN 100 Plans