SodaStream Review for Lovers of Fart Water

SodaStream Review for Lovers of Fart Water

The first time I tried SodaStream I was asked if I would like some ‘fart water’. Unfortunately I have only been able to lovingly refer to carbonated water as such ever since. As a hardcore fart water lover I have wanted to try one of these bad boys for years. Now finally I have been able to embark on a SodaStream review journey.

SodaStream Spirit One Touch


It carbonates your water


$100 - $150 depending where youlook


Sleek design, easy set up,cuts down on plastic use, no need to buy sparkling water anymore


It's a bit pricey, finding the sweet spot can take a few goes

SodaStream Spirit One Touch – What’s Good About It?

sodatsream review
It also comes in white

The stuff we liked in this Sodastream review.


The SodaStream Spirit OneTouch only comes with a few parts, so it’s pretty easy to get up and running. It comes with:

  • SodaStream unit
  • 60L CO2 cyliner
  • 1L carbonating bottles

It only takes a minute or so to attach the CO2 cyliner to the unit and plug it in. You’re ready to spice up some water.


The design of the Spirit OneTouch is minimalist and sleek. The black version I was given has a subtle design on the front, as well as the three buttons on the top. These determine your level of carbonation.

But while it does look lovely it isn’t the smallest of gadgets. Make sure you have enough bench space before buying.

It tastes good

The most important thing here is how the fart water tastes, and it’s delicious. Nothing like actual farts. While I’m sure you can up your SodaStream game by carbonating other stuff — like booze, juice or coffee – I have not tried this yet. I am a simple woman with simple pleasures. Namely, spicy bubble water.

No more disposable plastic

I’m a big fan of carbonated water, so this biggest draw card for me is the ability to always have it on hand. It’s the closest I can get to having it on tap without an expensive plumbing job.

However, I have never liked going through so many bottles of disposable plastic. While buying sparkling mineral water or soda water can be cheap (if you’re a home brand lover like me) that doesn’t solve the plastic problem. SodaStream does.

It has also meant that I now never run out. Whenever I have a hankering for bubbles on my tongue, I can have it.

What’s not so good?

sodastream review
Image: Minimum to maximum fart water delivery buttons

The stuff that wasn’t as good in this SodaStream review.

Learning curve

While the SodaStream Spirit One Touch is incredibly easy to use, it takes a few goes to master. While the carbonating bottle has a fill line indicator, it’s not always accurate.

The first few times I found that filling to the line meant that not enough carbonation was happening with certain buttons, even with multiple pushes. However, if I filled it a little more I ended up with a watery mess on the counter.

If you’re not sure exactly what to do even after reading the manual, there are some good YouTube videos out there.

In the end I found that filling to the line and pressing the highest carbonation button 2 times was my personal sweet spot. So maybe it’s not exactly ‘OneTouch’ for me, but also it only takes about 5 – 10 seconds longer so who cares?

SodaStream Price

SodaStreams in general aren’t the cheapest gadgets in the world. And the SodaStream Spirit One Touch can cost upwards of $150, though I have seen it cheaper on certain websites.

You also need to take the CO2 refills so there will be an ongoing expense.

Should you buy it?

If you’re all about that spicy water life, a SodaStream is definitely worth considering. If nothing else it’s great to not be buying so much of it in disposable plastic bottles every week.

If the price doesn’t bother you and if you environmentally conscious, it might just be worth investment. You might even be able to pick one up in a sale. It’s also pretty damn convenient to have on hand whenever you need a fizz fix. And for me, that’s often.