Scott Pilgrim May See New Life in Animation

Scott Pilgrim May See New Life in Animation
A still from Scott Pilgrim vs the Animation. (Image: Adult Swim)

is about to turn 10, and we may soon see it return in a whole new way. In a new oral history of the film, director Edgar Wright mentioned there are rumblings about continuing the franchise in animation.

“There [are] some plans ” and there’s nothing official yet ” but there are some plans to revisit the material in an animation way,” Wright said to Entertainment Weekly. “We’ve been talking with Bryan [Lee O’Malley, creator] and with Jared [LeBoff, executive producer] for a while [about]: What if we did something with the books in anime form? It’s being discussed as we speak.”

We reached out to both Wright and LeBoff for additional comment or clarification. Wright didn’t have one and LeBoff hadn’t responded as of publication. We’ll update the story when and if we hear.

Which means: let the speculation begin!

In the same EW article, O’Malley mentions that he’d “like to revisit the characters [in comic form] and see what they’re up to,” adding “I sketched Scott early in the pandemic with a huge beard. I think that would be a funny image.”

So maybe this animated project is a sequel in that vein. Or maybe it’s truer to the comics adaptation of O’Malley’s books (the film, of course, had to make a lot of changes to condense seven graphic novels into a single movie). If the latter is the case, is it a seven-episode series? Another movie? And where would this project live? Peacock, Universal’s new streaming service? One of the company’s many cable channels? The questions are endless.

Obviously, we don’t know any of these answers ” and frankly, the people involved probably don’t either. At least not definitively. The most important piece of the puzzle here is “there’s nothing official yet,” which means it could end up being nothing. Or, it could end up being something. Scott Pilgrim has been animated before, for a short Adult Swim piece as well as the Pilgrim video game.

For now, fans will just have to rewatch the movie again and again and definitely head over to Entertainment Weekly to read the entire fun oral history.