New Track-Only Lamborghini Supercar Escalates Company’s War Against Air

New Track-Only Lamborghini Supercar Escalates Company’s War Against Air

The new wing on the upcoming Lamborghini SCV12 reminds me of my childhood, when my friend’s dad, who was a carpenter and owned a Hitachi digger, used to swing us around in the scoop (wearing our dirtbike helmets) until he got bored and dumped us in the pool he just built.

Look at this sucker up close:

That’s a helluva wing. Lamborghini claims SCV12’s overall aero package will over more downforce than their current GT3 race car. The 2018 Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO has up to 600 kg of downforce, or about 599 kg.

But look how literally shredded this body is to achieve those figures:

The aero work includes terrifying dive planes and a rounded continuous shallow ridge along the front splitter, a double front air intake in the hood with a roof-mounted ram-air intake, vents in the outer edge of the finders, a massive lower rear diffuser, and of course the giant Gillette shaver protruding from the rear.

If it’s not already obvious from the position of the headlights and the absurd lack of formality, the SCV12 is track-only. Despite the camouflage, Lamborghini has shared a lot about the SCV12, which is the first model of its kind to be developed by the automaker’s Squadra Corse racing division.

In pure Lamborghini fashion, there’s a naturally-aspirated, 830-horsepower V12 that employs what the company calls high-speed supercharging thanks to all that air-flow nose work, fitted with a rigid six-speed sequential gearbox that’s also structurally vital to the bespoke carbon-fibre racing chassis. The push-rod rear suspension is also mounted to the six-speed. This setup locks the car in as rear-wheel drive only.

The track special is finished off on wheels made of magnesium alloy with a supposedly bespoke Pirelli tire formula. Purchse of a SCV12 also supposedly includes tutoring from Lamborghini racing drivers, contact with engineers, and organised track day experiences.

The cost I can’t afford to ask, and it’s unclear how many will be built. But they’re coming this winter, and they will be loud: