iPhone Jailbreak Bandits Can’t Downgrade to iOS 13.5 Anymore

iPhone Jailbreak Bandits Can’t Downgrade to iOS 13.5 Anymore
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Last week Apple rolled out it’s latest OS update. iOS 13.5.1 was designed with security in mind. In fact it was almost exclusively targeting an iPhone jailbreak that had surfaced. While some users might want to revert back to an earlier iOS 13 version, they won’t be able to.

iOS 13 jailbreak

Towards the end of march an iPhone jailbreak tool called unc0ver was released. While jailbreaks are nothing new, this was rare in that it was able to jailbreak any device up to iOS 13.5. This mean that even the most recent iPhones, such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 were able to be jailbroken.

Apple came up with a fix for this by releasing the iOS 13.5.1 patch, which stopped unc0ver from working on devices running this update. But people could still get around this until recently.

iPhone Jailbreak fix

According to MacRumors, Apple has now stopped signing iOS 13.5. Users won’t be able to rollback the OS on their devices from iOS 13.5.1 to iOS 13.5 . This mean that they can’t avoid the patch and jailbreak their device.

The same goes for Apple TV, Apple Watch and Macs. All of these devices have received a similar patch across tvOS, watchOS and macOS.

iOS 13.5 was the last major update rolled out for iPhone. It included Apple and Google’s joint COVID-19 contact tracing API, known as the Exposure Notification System as well as some other updates.

We don’t know when the latest iOS 13 update will arrive, but Apple did push out the first developer beta for iOS 13.5.5 last week. It is said to include a new Apple news feature that includes audio versions of some stories.

We are also only a couple of weeks away from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where we’re expecting to see what iOS 14 has in store. And if it’s anything like last year there will also be a slew of new hardware and software to behold.