Influencers Reemerge, Worse Than Ever

Influencers Reemerge, Worse Than Ever
Image: Screengrab, Twitter

A Santa Monica area influencer was caught borrowing a worker’s drill to stage a photo-op outside a boarded-up shop damaged by the previous night’s looting. Toting a photographer/boyfriend, the woman hands the drill back to a worker and climbs into a Mercedes-Benz and scurries away, pronouncing “Good job, guys, BLM!”

She has been identified as Washington Examiner intern and UC Santa Barbara student Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin, and she has shut down her accounts @FactsWithFiona. But she has been forever immortalised in the feeds of New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz, Ava DuVernay, and LeBron James.

She’s not the only one, it seems.

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The oldest known land animal

Image: Getty; contemporary African millipedes Image: Getty; contemporary African millipedes

The oldest-known animal to walk the earth may be a millipede, Reuters reports. The 425-million-year-old fossilized creature found in Scotland is a centimeter long and likely fed on decomposing plants. Crawling around eating death might feed into a lame follow-up crack about influencers, but given the previous slide, this seems unfair to the innocent millipede. It is named Kampecaris obanensis.

Alligator seems ok with this, but you never know with TikTok

What do we call a man who’s lost all mortal fear of beasts and presents them for public viewing with a robust social media presence? We call that man a King, and our new ruler is Jay Brewer, who runs the Reptile Zoo, an entertainment and educational centre with a “zoo-like atmosphere.”

Further investigation into this reptile drama is a must.

As Gizmodo reported, Carole Baskin is the new Tiger King, following a judge’s order yesterday that she now owns ousted Tiger King Joe Exotic’s zoo.

Record downloads of police scanner apps

Axios has noticed that downloads for police scanner apps have peaked. In case you happen to be interested, here are a few links:

Zoloft is in shortage

Photo: Getty Photo: Getty

More evidence that the pandemic is taking a toll on both mental health and the supply chains: the U.S. is facing a pandemic-induced shortage of the antidepressant Zoloft. Bloomberg reports that, on Friday, the Food and Drug Administration added Zoloft to its drug shortage list, which shows that pharmaceutical companies have reported both increased demand and inability to obtain an active ingredient.

A beautiful little cyberpunk gadget

Have you ever seen such splendor? It’s an off-grid wireless messenger wristwatch, with a little keyboard: aka a “Doomsday Communicator.” The device uses LoRA (long-range) network protocol to broadcast messages on licence-free radio frequency bands. In a comment, the creator said that they were able to transmit communication within a range of 500 meters. Support the project here because we need this.