In Our First Look at Umbrella Academy Season 2, Long Hair and Swedish Assassins Abound

In Our First Look at Umbrella Academy Season 2, Long Hair and Swedish Assassins Abound
Oh, Klaus, oh no. (Photo: All images via Netflix)

Look, it’s been a time-hopping heroes of Umbrella Academy. You’ll be forgiven for some of them letting their hair get a bit out of place. Or, really, a lot out of place.

Netflix has revealed the first look at Umbrella Academy‘s upcoming sophomore season, and our first glimpse at what the family’s getting up to after it travelled back in time at the end of season one in an attempt to stop the end of the world happening.

Yeah…that’s some new hair.

Remember when Vanya, after believing that she never actually had powers, discovered she had some powerful enough to zap the moon to bits? It looks like she’ll be attempting to learn how to contain her powers this season.

The season also brings with it some mysterious new bad guys: Tom Sinclair, Kris Holden-Ried, and Jason Bryden are playing a trio of Swedish assassins hunting the family down after their time-travel adventure begins.

Five’s powers have whisked the team all back to Dallas in the “˜60s, but not just one period of the “˜60s: the family gets split up and must wait it out for all their timelines to properly reconverge so they can be together again.

Judging by the pamphlet she’s being handed about discrimination in the workplace, it seems Alison is not going to find herself in a comfortable place or time in the swinging “˜60s.

She might be able to help everyone get their hair sorted if this is anything to go by though. Turns out time travel and having to wait for said time travel to even out your separated families leads to some questionable hairdo decisions for some of our heroes.

Not Ben, at least, whose pseudo-return to the corporeal world means that he too got dragged along for the ride.

Vanya finds herself with one of the new faces of the season, Sissy, played by Marin Ireland. We don’t know much about her other than that she’s a Texas housewife.

Meanwhile, Luther looks like he’s on a mission of his own. A dangerous one, given the revolver next to him.

Ha, nuclear families. You see what they did there.

Diego’s hair is truly the highlight of these new pictures, in that…well, it’s just a lot to take in, really.

Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix July 31.