If You Can Find A Usable Part On This 2020 Toyota Supra You Should Buy It

If You Can Find A Usable Part On This 2020 Toyota Supra You Should Buy It

The car auction house Copart is offering this 2020 Toyota Supra (base model) at its San Jose, California location on June 14, 2020. Colour is listed as “BURN.” (But actually.) No reserve!

Copart auctions off derelicts on the reg. That’s its whole business, pretty much. But cars that are so thoroughly smoked, so obviously far beyond redemption, being listed for sale anywhere, are always good for a chuckle.

There aren’t any bids on this cooked carcass of a car yet and there’s no reserve, so assuming you’re the only bidder, this could be your chance to get a 2020 Toyota Supra for $US60 ($87) plus auction fees and transportation.

It is pretty bizarre to me that this is being sold rather than smelted, but I’m guessing it’s just being run through a standard system after being paid out as a total loss by the insurance company that now owns it. That company, listed as Progressive in the listing, probably just shunts all its total-loss cars to auction automatically and will have it crushed afterward if there are no bidders.

Photo: Copart

On the real though I don’t even think a salvage would take this thing. I can’t see a single solitary viable part on this car. I wouldn’t even trust a bolt off this to be straight.

At this point, the best fate this scorched Supra could hope for would be to get snatched up by a YouTuber looking to claim “I Bought The Cheapest 2020 Toyota Supra In The Country,” which, actually, might be the only way this car could pay for itself. It wouldn’t even make a decent lawn ornament anymore, sadly.

Oh, you know what, power washing that engine block and putting a piece of glass over it might make a decent table, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Hat tip to Carlos!