Here Is Volkswagen’s New ID.4 Cross EV Production Model Before They Wanted You To See It

Here Is Volkswagen’s New ID.4 Cross EV Production Model Before They Wanted You To See It

While we’ve already seen concept and pre-production versions of Volkswagen’s upcoming electric, MEB-based SUV, the ID.4 Cross, VW wasn’t quite ready to show the world the final production version. Well, too bad. The ID.4 Cross production model has been leaked, and pictures released on the online forum VWIDTalk. Sorry, VW, that’s the internet for you. But don’t feel too bad — the car looks good!

The leaked images show a number of views of the crossover/SUV-type vehicle, which will also be VW’s first MEB-based car to be sold in North America, and can be considered the vanguard of VW’s push into mass-market battery-electric vehicles.

The look of the ID.4 Cross is clean and uncluttered, with good, almost wagon-like proportions and some nice sculpted character lines on the sides.

The D-pillar appears to be metallic and integrated with an arch that spans from the A-pillar and across the roof, which is more visible in these pics of a grey one that seems to be badged for the Chinese market:

You can also see two variants of design between the white and grey ones, with the differences being on the lower bumper areas, front and rear. The front lower bumper area has a different air intake design, though above the bumper area both versions have the same headlamp treatment and narrow false “grille” bar connecting the lights:

The rear integrates the rear foglamps/reflectors in a different manner as well:

I think I prefer the cleaner, more modern look of the white one; I’m not sure if these show different trim levels, or differences in, say, a U.S.-market model and a China-market model.

The range of wheel options is also interesting, with all designs appearing to be directional, and all working around a sort of five-pointed star motif.

The real unanswered question here is the price; if VW can sell these things for $US35,000 ($50,698) or less, well-equipped, then I think they’d really have a viable Tesla Model 3 competitor on their hands. Hopefully that information will leak next, or, I guess VW could just tell us.

Either way works.