Hans Solo, Ranked

Hans Solo through the ages. (Photo: All Images, Lucasfilm)
Hans Solo through the ages. (Photo: All Images, Lucasfilm)

It’s all come down to this. After years of unhealthy obsession and the spark of a rediscovered hobby, it’s time to rank the Hans.

Corellian smuggler Han Solo is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars. He was once the owner of the ship that made the Kessell Run in less than 12 parsecs. And, eventually, he married a princess. He’s also been fairly bland when it comes to fashion. His looks range from cool and casual, hanging out at the Cantina, to frozen in place for many, months, hanging on a wall. And yet, thanks to actors Harrison Ford and Alden Ehrenreich, we love all of Han’s looks, of which there are probably more than you realise.

The question is, which look, limited to the movies, rules them all? Let’s find out.

15. Return of the Jedi: Tatooine

Han in his post-Carbonite look on Tatooine in Return of the Jedi.

Even the best outfit looks like crap if you take most of it off. And that’s the case here with Han’s undershirt look. Understandable as it may be under the circumstances, without a jacket or vest, Han isn’t quite Han.

14. A New Hope: Stormtrooper

We're fine here, how are you?

Like I just said. Without a jacket or vest, Han isn’t quiet Han. So while he certainly pulls off the menacing Stormtrooper look, even he is excited to get back into his regular clothes.

13. Solo: Corellia

The white does nothing for Han.

As a member of the White Worms gang, Han was forced to wear this terrible white accented ensemble. Again, the second he got off Corellia, that was gone.

12. Solo: Vandor-1

Which one is Chewbacca?

Vandor-1 is cold and, in several movies, Han Solo goes to cold places. It’s his thing. But of all his snow looks, this puffy, almost Chewbecca clone is the worst one.

11. Return of the Jedi: Endor

Looking for images for this article, you wouldn't believe how good it felt to find a perfect image like this. It's like he was posing for this exact article.

Basically, this is just his regular look with a long-arse, almost camouflage-patterned duster over it. And it works for the forest moon but it’s just a tad unsightly.

10. The Force Awakens/Rise of Skywalker: Standard

Again, a true blessing to find clear, body length images of Han in these movies.

Older Han’s look is good. It’s the aged up version of what he wore when he was younger. And for that reason, it works. But it’s simply not as suave as the other outfits, whether he’s alive or a vision in his son’s head.

9. Solo: Mimban Trooper

Han was not happy at this time.

There’s just something about that almost Darth-Helmet-from-Spaceballs look that makes me laugh at this Han. And for that reason, it ranks higher than its comparable counterparts. It’s just a little goofy. Just like Han.

8. The Force Awakens: Starkiller Base

While this outfit is, again, just a slightly more mature version of the jacket Han wore on Hoth, layers just work better. Plus, breaking the mould here, the joke that he gets his jacket back always makes me smile.

7. Solo: Standard

The young Han look remains divisive among fans.

The team behind Solo had so many difficult tasks. Among them was designing an outfit that could stand up to what Han wore in the original trilogy. And in that aim, they succeeded. It’s a little bulky compared to the original, but the black shoulders make it stand out in a very interesting way.

6. Return of the Jedi: Standard

What, me worry?

There it is. The vest, the stripe, the belt. Near perfection. “Near?” Well, Han’s regular Return of the Jedi look is awesome, but it’s basically just the better-fabric, higher-budget version of the one in A New Hope. And Han just seems more like the looser, leaner version of this.

5. Solo: Deleted Scene

This Solo deleted scene is excellent.

Wild card pick! What even is this, right? Well, in a deleted scene from Solo, we got to see Han try his hand at joining the Empire. And while he doesn’t have a vest or a jacket, the oddity of it, the kitschiness of seeing Han like this, just makes me happy. Watch the scene here:

4. The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi: Carbonite

Who wouldn't want Han Solo hanging on their wall?

Shock of shocks! The man obsessed with Han-icles puts carbonite Han at number four? Well, it comes down to this: While this image of Han is probably the most striking and maybe the most iconic, it’s… carbonite. It’s not Han. So it’s bad-freaking-arse, but drops a few notches.

3. The Empire Strikes Back: Hoth


Shock of shocks two! This was sure to be a lock for number one, right? Well, again, it came down to a balance of preference and iconography. Han’s Hoth outfit is awesome. The jacket, the hood, the boots, the debate over the colour (I’m a blue person even though I know it was *actually* brown), all great. But, it couldn’t beat these next two.

2. A New Hope: Cantina


The look that started it all. For most people, this is the quintessential Han. For me though, one teeny-tiny knock on it is the cut of undershirt. George Lucas obviously wanted a bit of sex symbol in his Han and it makes the suave smuggler feel slightly less cool than one other version.

1. The Empire Strikes Back: Bespin

The winner.

Like with most things Star Wars, it all peaked with The Empire Strikes Back. Not only does Han’s Bespin outfit (which he also wears leaving Hoth and on the Falcon) have all the Han characteristics, it somehow feels like the most casual while looking the most debonair. It’s perfection.