NBN Hack: How To Actually Get Aussie Broadband’s Fastest NBN Plans

NBN Hack: How To Actually Get Aussie Broadband’s Fastest NBN Plans
Image: Buena Vista International
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Last week NBN Co announced three new wholesale NBN speed tiers and Aussie Broadband was quick to release its corresponding plans. While the residential speeds are good, they’re not the fastest on offer. Here’s how you can actually get its fastest NBN plans.

The new speed tiers introduced by NBN Co included  100/20, 250/25, and 1,000/50Mbps. The only problem is that the last two speeds are only available to those with access to Fiber or HFC connections. And even then, you won’t necessarily be able to get a plan with those speeds on a residential connection.

In fact, out of the three new speed tiers you can only get a 250/25 or 1000/50 connection through Aussie Broadband if you’re a personal customer.


However, when it comes to 1000/50 you need to have an applicable address for the plan to show for you. You can test this over on Aussie Broadband’s website.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t get access to faster NBN plans at home. There is a way to access them, you just need to open a business account. Even if you’re just one person you can get a business plan connected in your home. The only caveat is that you need an Australian Business Number or ABN.

Fortunately they’re quite easy to apply for and it can all be done online. Of course, you need an actual reason to have one. Personally I have used one for tutoring and freelancing in the past. So if you want the fastest NBN speeds possible and do run a small business from home (or are looking to start a side hustle) now might be a good time.

The only other downside to this is that business plans are pricey. A 250/100 plan will set you back a minimum of $209 a month and the big boy 1000/400 come in at a minimum of $429 a month.

But hey, if you’re keen on those speeds and can afford to do it (or split it between housemates) you can check out the 250/100 plan below or the 1000/400 plan by clicking here and heading to the ‘small business’ section of the site. You’ll also find 500/200 plans and 100/40 plans.