Doom Patrol’s New Season 2 Trailer Is a Dark Disco Extravaganza

Doom Patrol’s New Season 2 Trailer Is a Dark Disco Extravaganza
Flex Mentallo and a few friends. (Image: DC Universe)

Before throwing wildly extravagant parties for their friends — all of whom were social outcasts in need of a compassionate community. Danny might not be at their full power just quite yet, but in the latest trailer for Doom Patrol’s second season, the party’s not over.

Though much of season two is set to focus on Niles Caulder’s ridiculously powerful daughter Dorothy Spinner, the new trailer reintroduces a few familiar faces like Flex Mentallo’s and those belonging to the dozens of alternate personalities living in the Underground of Crazy Jane’s mind. The core Doom Patrol’s ever-increasing skills controlling their various abilities is the one thing that makes it possible for each of them to deal with the growing threat that Dorothy represents, but everyone’s apparently still in desperate need of a bit more training that’s going to pull them in different directions.

The trailer also introduces classic Doom Patrol baddies like the Candlemaker and Red Jack, but the most fascinating characters making their way to the show are…well, the SeX-Men. Make of their names what you will.

Doom Patrol hits DC Universe and HBO Max on June 27. It will likely air on Foxtel at a later date in Australia.

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