Doctor Who’s Next Audio Series Is All About Arthur Darvill’s Auton Centurion

Doctor Who’s Next Audio Series Is All About Arthur Darvill’s Auton Centurion
Rory the Roman is gonna go roamin'. (Image: BBC)

audio series, the hapless husband of Amy Pond (and one time Roman Centurion/Secret Plastic Alien Warrior) has only gone and misplaced it.

Big Finish has announced that its latest addition to its slate of Doctor Who audio dramas set in the “modern” era of the series is The Lone Centurion, starring Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams (née Pond, eventually).

The three-part series, scripted by David Llewellyn, Sarah Ward, and Jacqueline Rayner, is set in the period of time between “The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big Bang.” At the time, after being dead for a bit, Rory was actually an Auton replica of his fallen self in disguise as a Roman Centurion as part of a grand plan to stop the Eleventh Doctor from seemingly destroying the entire universe (god, Doctor Who, slow down for a second!). He guarded the Pandorica waiting for the Doctor to return and save his wife-to-be Amy from near death.

But these won’t be stories about how Rory the Roman Auton stood near a giant prison-cube for 2,000 years. Turns out, The Lone Centurion will see Rory do the incredibly Rory thing of somehow managing to misplace the giant cube he’s sworn to safeguard. Attempting to recover the Pandorica will see him build up the Lone Centurion’s eventual folklore mythos, as Rory travels the world to relocate it, starting off in Rome, where he’ll apparently become a gladiator for a bit, as one does.

When in Rome, I guess! The Lone Centurion is currently set to launch in May 2021, with a second volume following in July 2022.