Comedy Central Is Picking Up Jodie, a Daria Spinoff Series

Comedy Central Is Picking Up Jodie, a Daria Spinoff Series
Jodie and Daria. (Illustration: MTV)

The cynical, wry world of Daria is continuing on television, though not on MTV.

As reported by Deadline, the spinoff series Jodie, created and written by Grace Edwards (Insecure, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), has been acquired by Comedy Central as part of a shift by the network to build a bigger repertoire of animated adult comedies. While still created by MTV Studios, one of several Daria related shows conceived by the outfit, it will air on Comedy Central, likely in a block with South Park. Both Comedy Central and MTV are owned by ViacamCBS Entertainment.

Jode will star Jodie Landon, a friend of Daria’s from the original series, as she graduates college and enters the lousy world of adults. Focusing on her particular experiences as a Black woman, the show will feature satire of all the things you’d expect from a coming-of-age comedy in the 2020s: workplace culture, social media, probably the coronavirus, etc.

Jodie will be voiced in the animated series by Tracee Ellis Ross, who is best known for her role on Black-ish. No word yet on when the show will air.