All the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Funko Pops We Want, But Don’t Exist (Yet)

All the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Funko Pops We Want, But Don’t Exist (Yet)
Princess Mononoke, Waterworld, The Last Starfighter, give us our Pops! (Photo: Ghibli/Universal)

We’re about to say something that’ll blow your mind. Something that may not seem true, but trust us ” it is. Are you ready? Not every franchise or film has had a Funko Pop made of it.

Shocking, we know! It certainly seems like the not-so-little-anymore company from Everett, Washington, has its mitts on every property there is, as it churns out vinyl figures based on everything from distractingly sexy Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum to Werner Herzog, but it hasn’t. And below, we’re going to give you a list of genre properties Funko somehow hasn’t touched in its quest to chibi-fy everything, but we really hope they do.

The Last Starfighter. (Photo: Universal Pictures)The Last Starfighter. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

The Last Starfighter – Alex, Grig, Centauri, so many cool options!

Studio Ghibli – Many fans have made customs, but for now, there’s no Totoro, Kiki, Princess Mononoke, nada.

Rufio – And anyone from Hook, really, but Rufio with the mohawk and sword? Bangarang.

The Legend of Zelda/Super Mario Bros. – Funko makes Pokémon pops now, why not Zelda and Mario? We don’t have the answer ” other than Nintendo’s clearly not allowing it, duh ” we’re just asking.

Unbreakable. (Photo: Disney)Unbreakable. (Photo: Disney)

Unbreakable – Even if you wanted to do Glass, that’s fine, but David Dunn, Mr. Glass, and the Horde are perfect for the format.

Spaceballs – Of course, the long-standing rumour is Mel Brooks could only make Spaceballs if he agreed not to make merchandise. But at this point, would Disney care? Give us Spaceballs stuff!

Weird Science – Some John Hughes movies do have Funkos, but not the one that has the most perfect option ever: Bill Paxton’s Chet, as a huge gross demon.

The Lego Movie – It makes sense there aren’t Lego Movie Pops because the companies are competitors, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to see them. Plus, imagine the existential crisis a sentient Funko Pop of a sentient Lego being could have in a future Lego Movie! After all, now that Warner Bros. isn’t making Lego films any more, it does have the rights to Funko

The Monster Squad (Image: Lionsgate)The Monster Squad (Image: Lionsgate)

The Monster Squad – Funko made Pops of that other teen monster movie that opened in August of 1987: The Lost Boys. Now it’s time to complete…the very specific set? All the monsters, all the kids, all my money.

The Thing – Again, some John Carpenter movies do have Pops, like Halloween and Big Trouble in Little China, but somehow not this snow-set horror classic. Could the Thing itself ever be considered cute? We have to know.

Waterworld – The world needs the Mariner. As a Funko Pop, but also in general.

Amélie – The best damn French-fantasy-about-a-lovelorn-waitress of all time surely deserves a Funko immortalization.

Attack the Block (Photo: Sony Pictures)Attack the Block (Photo: Sony Pictures)

Attack the Block – Remember the end of the movie when everyone is chanting “Moses, Moses?” That’s us when Funko asks what Pops we want.

Akira – Remember the part in the movie when Kaneda screams “Tetsuo!” and Tetsuo screams “Kaneda?” Same joke from the last entry, but with more screaming.

The 7th Voyage of SinbadAny cool Ray Harryhausen creatures, really. But the Cyclops is the most famous. One big, Funko-y black eye.

Return to Oz – If we can get Labyrinth and we can get Dark Crystal, then surely we can get Return to Oz, right?

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Photo: Distrub Films)Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Photo: Distrub Films)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day – This is an odd one. There are Pops for Terminator: Dark Fate and ReAction figures for T2 made by Funko, but no Pops for T2. That needs to be remedied.

Pacific Rim – With all the kaiju and robots and awesome outfits in this movie it feels like a no-brainer for Pops. Alas, nope.

High School Musical – Wait…how did this get in here? Someone messed with this blog post and we’re shocked. [Editor’s Note: I’m rolling my eyes in Germain’s general direction. -Jill P.]

Gundam – Funko’s recent expansion into larger-sized 6″ pops would be perfect for giving us chunky, cute takes on the Mobile Suits of Gundam ” it’d be like the SD Gundam spinoffs, only Funko! But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want Pops of the spacenoids and newtypes alike, too.

Kamen Rider ” Funko has dabbled in Tokusatsu pops before, between its Godzilla and Ultraman figures. But what better series to be Funko-fied than the bug-eyed superheroes of Kamen Rider? So many designs to transform into Pops, too!

Additional ridiculous reporting by James Whitbrook