You Can Now Read Every Script From Doctor Who’s Latest Season Online

You Can Now Read Every Script From Doctor Who’s Latest Season Online
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You’ve had actual Doctor Who to re-watch. You’ve had new short stories to read. New adventures to listen to. Still need more Doctor Who than you would otherwise know what to do with if not for the Current State of the World? Well, the BBC’s got your back, uh, again.

The company’s Writer’s Room script library“an online archive of scripts from across its catalogue of dramas, new and old”has announced that it has been updated to include the entire run of scripts for Who section of the archive features videos and supplementary content from writers like Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall about the process of writing for television.

It’s an interesting way to revisit these episodes”removed from the context of the medium they were made for, just the literal stage directions and lines on the page”and a chance to see how things played out differently in the final product we actually got to see on TV. But it’s also a handy resource if you’re every inspired to get into scriptwriting yourself, to get to see the structure, style, and different approaches to bringing a show as varied as Doctor Who is to life.

Plus, it beats just watching the episodes all over again as a nice little shakeup!