We Bare Bears The Movie’s First Trailer Puts The Bros On The Road

We Bare Bears The Movie’s First Trailer Puts The Bros On The Road

We Bare Bears‘ trio of bear brothers are set to embark on a new adventure in the past as their younger selves in an upcoming spinoff series. But before that, they’re going on a present-day road trip to the Great North in an all-new movie that’s hitting multiple streaming services very, very soon.

In The Movie‘s first trailer”introduced by the cast the only way we know how to do things now, via video conferencing“we see glimpses of the very earliest moments when the Baby Bears first met each other and realised that the three of them were stronger and happier living together as one another’s chosen family.

As adults, though, the Bears’ antics throughout the Bay Area have led to their human neighbours beginning to see them all as something of a menace”which leads to the Department of National Wildlife Control stepping in, presumably to stop the talking Bears from living their best lives.

With all of their human friends turning on them and making their home in the woods feel like a less than safe place, the Bears do the only sensible thing they can think of: running off to Canada.

We Bare Bears the Movie will be available to watch digitally on all major platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, on June 8.