You Can Now Buy A Robot Dog For The Cost Of A Large TV

You Can Now Buy A Robot Dog For The Cost Of A Large TV
Image: Unitree

A future is coming where your pooch is made of plastics ” and it’s not as far away as you’d think.

Chinese company Unitree Robotics have just announced planned pricing for their new line of dog-like A1 bots and they’re surprisingly affordable.

The Unitree A1 is set to be around the $15,000 mark ” cheaper than the best TV in the newly announced Samsung 8K TV range. It’s certainly cheaper than other dog drones on the market, which are usually labelled “price on request” and based on a lease rather than an outright purchase.

The Unitree A1 is a robotic companion that can flip, jump and run at a maximum speed of 11.8 km/h. It’s equipped with a camera capable of recording Real-Time HD video transmissions and is able to walk autonomously while avoiding obstacles.

You can check it out below:

The A1 is capable of handling up to 5 kilograms of weight and scarily enough, is also capable of following a target at speed via video tracking. Luckily if you find yourself being hunted by this strange dog, its top speed of 11.8km/h is only a quarter of how fast the average human is capable of running.

You may recognise the A1’s overall concept from similar robotics like the Boston Dynamics robodog known as ‘Spot’. This device has recently been deployed to encourage social distancing in Singapore and has also been used in the U.S. to aid policework.

The Unitree A1 is a different robot altogether and while it uses similar functionality and design, it’s intended for more public, mainstream use as a companion and friend. Our future changes rapidly, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the humans of the next decade walking with one of these robots by their side.

To register your interest in purchasing a Unitree A1, visit the website hub and click the ‘buy now’ button.

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