Tom Ellis Signs On for an Almost Inevitable Sixth Season of Lucifer

Tom Ellis as a sexy Lucifer.  (Image: Netflix)
Tom Ellis as a sexy Lucifer. (Image: Netflix)

Lucifer, Fox’s formerly orphaned Satanriffic procedural and now Netflix’s beloved child, is one step closer to yet another season renewal.

As reported by TV Line on Friday, Tom Ellis, the show’s lead, has signed a new contract for the show. This new deal would be inclusive of a sixth season of the show, and would replace a former deal that, according to prior reporting by TV Line, was allegedly proving unsatisfactory for Ellis.

This deal comes after news in February that Netflix was looking to put together yet another season of the show, the third it would produce alongside Warner Bros. after Netflix’s initial cancellation. In the time since, showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have also signed on to do the show, and now with Ellis back as well, it only seems a matter of time before a renewal becomes official.

As for the fifth season of the show, which is already produced, it’s yet to hit the air. Netflix hasn’t announced a premiere date for it, either, and it remains one of many, many television shows whose release is somewhat up in the air in the tumultuous times caused by the ongoing pandemic. If you’re interested, however, the first four seasons are streaming on Netflix now.