These Bill & Ted Toys Are Anything But Bogus

These Bill & Ted Toys Are Anything But Bogus

You’ve got the Excellent Adventure. It seems only right there’s a Bogus Journey too.

Following up on last year’s reveal of toys based on Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Gizmodo is excited to announce that Incendium Online will soon be making toys based on Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. They include Ted “Theodore” Logan, Bill S. Preston, Esq., and this time, there’s even a Time Travelling Phone Booth. You can see the Ted sculpt below, followed by Bill and one angle on the Phone Booth.

No way? YES WAY! Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Toys are here. (Image: All images Incendium)
We’re totally action figures!

The door opens and closes and it’s in scale with the figures, though we doubt they’d both fit inside.

And here are photos of the packaging which, as with the Excellent Adventure toys, mimics that classic Toy Biz ’90s style. Notice the guitar accessories. Perfect to shoot your band Wyld Stallyns into legend.

The Bogus Journey toys are up for preorder right now at this link. That’s also where you can get the Excellent Adventure toys and a whole slew of other cool Bill & Ted merchandise. Perfect to either wear to watch Bill & Ted Face the Music if it comes out this year, or to help ease the pain if it gets delayed.