The Latest Snowpiercer Trailer Shows Limbs Freezing And Revolutions Beginning

The Latest Snowpiercer Trailer Shows Limbs Freezing And Revolutions Beginning
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Seven years have passed since finally makes it to audiences”and it also takes place seven years after an important event.

In Snowpiercer, it’s been seven years since the Earth froze over. Now, in sub-100 degree cold, a train circles the globe, keeping the people on it alive. The passengers are segregated on the train by class, but the folks at the back of the train aren’t having it anymore and a revolution begins. That was the plot of the 2013 movie with Chris Evans, and it carries over for the show, which stars Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly. A few trailers have been released already, but this new one, via Entertainment Weekly, is the best yet, teasing a large-scale show that’s sure to blend social issues with intense action.

The previous trailer concentrated more on the world-building of the show while this one is more about its scope and set pieces. Blending all of that into a weekly show certainly has the potential for something very cool. It also doesn’t hurt that a show about a global disaster is debuting during…a global disaster. People may just see this heightened version of our reality as a satisfying brand of escapism. As long as they keep their limbs inside.

Snowpiercer comes to TNT on May 17.