The Arrowverse Just Introduced DC’s Enchantress, Will They Treat Her Better Than Suicide Squad?

The Arrowverse Just Introduced DC’s Enchantress, Will They Treat Her Better Than Suicide Squad?

Legends of Tomorrow continues its reign as the greatest television series of all time, and now the show has cast its eye on the magical Enchantress from DC Comics. The DCEU may have bungled up her onscreen debut in Suicide Squad, but it looks like the Legends may finally do her justice.

In the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, “The Great British Fake Off,” the Legends were on the hunt for the final piece of the Loom of Fate—which Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) hid from the world thousands of years ago when she was Clotho, one of the Hands of Fate. It turns out that the final piece of the Loom was hidden in a place that not even she could reach.

As Charlie explained in a flashback, while she was roaming around Ancient Egypt she gave it to the one person who could keep it hidden from her: Enchantress (played by Samantha Liana Cole). Her appearance in the episode was brief, but it was refreshing to see a version of the character that was cool, confident, and in control—as opposed to the DCEU Suicide Squad version, where Enchantress (played by Cara Delevingne) was an ancient mythical being that acted like a full-on spectral possession.

A young woman (left) transforms into Enchantress (right). (Image: The CW)

For those who aren’t familiar or didn’t see Delevingne belly dancing beneath a world-destroying apocalypse cloud in Suicide Squad, Enchantress is a powerful sorceress that lived inside the body of June Moone. She first appeared in Strange Adventures back in 1966 and has seen some major character changes over the decades going from villain to antihero. Her Prime Earth counterpart was a key part of Justice League Dark—which we just learned is going to get a series produced by J.J. Abrams on HBO Max. It’s unclear whether Enchantress—or Constantine for that matter—will appear in that series though both have been part of the magical supergroup over the years.

Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Zari (Tala Ashe) managed to find the ring that Enchantress had hidden away, even though they had to fight off a group of Encores on their own while discovering even more sexual tension between them, and deal with the sorceress’ meddling (though she was disguised as an older woman). At this point, it’s unclear whether this version of Enchantress is a shapeshifter like Charlie and the other Hands of Fate, or if she’s been moving from host to host. Either way, the episode ends with her promising to see Constantine again, which could mean June Moone might be getting ready to cross the Legends’ path in a bigger way. Let’s just hope she doesn’t bring an apocalypse cloud with her.

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