The 2020 Toyota Prius Actually Looks A Lot Better With This Fake Ferrari Bodykit

The 2020 Toyota Prius Actually Looks A Lot Better With This Fake Ferrari Bodykit

Just when the RAV4 finally ascended to a new level of pseudo-toughness with a Tacomaesque grimace, Japanese tuner Albermo went and made a knockoff Lamborghini Urus-looking body kit for it which is actually amazing. Amazinger still though, is the fake Ferrari face that Albermo makes for your Prius.

Name a more iconic duo (of Japanese cars re-bodied as Italian knockoffs) you’ve seen in 2020. I’ll wait.

Albermo, tagline: “Design Of Caesar Est. 1997,” is out of Kiyose Town, Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan according to its website. It looks like the outfit came online last December and has been offering the “Urus” kit for RAV4s since January, 2020. The Prius Fauxrarri might be a little older-Albermo redirects to a colourful and confusing Yahoo Shopping page to order it.

The official designation for the Prius kit, which is just a front bumper, mounts for the Toyota Sense sensor, a rear “half spoiler,” rear reflector and treatment to keep from getting in the way, is SP42. Albermo lists it all for a total of ¥186,000 ($2,711) without paint right now. There are way more images on Albermo’s gallery page, too. You’re welcome.

If you can figure out how to order it and get it mounted up, that seems like a bargain at twice the price to me. I’m deeply disappointed that I’ve never seen anything like this on the streets of Los Angeles, since this is the primary spawning grounds for both Pruii and Ferraris this side of the ocean after all.

The RAV4 Urus kit, which is officially called XR51 by Albermo, isn’t quite as elegant but of course, neither is a modern Lamborghini. For the bumper, headlights, honeycomb insert, rear half spoiler, and side pieces, the Japanese tuner wants ¥232,000 ($3,416).

I don’t know, fam. That also seems pretty cheap to transform your strip mall-spec Toyota into something that’s a little bit silly and a little bit awesome and will definitely be a conversation starter.

Somebody start importing these in bulk, already!

And whoever’s in charge of doing the next Prius redesign… Maybe, take a look? Eh?

Hat tip to Zerin!