Raspberry Pi’s Latest Creation Is A $95 High-Quality Camera Board

Raspberry Pi’s Latest Creation Is A $95 High-Quality Camera Board

While Raspberry Pi is best known for making tiny computers used in all sorts of DIY projects, the team is trying something slightly different with its latest creation: the High Quality Camera.

Featuring a 12.3-MP Sony IMX 477 sensor, where the $95 High Quality Camera differs from Raspberry Pi’s previous camera boards is that instead of using a fixed lens, the High Quality Camera supports interchangable camera lenses that use C and CS-mounts. This should give makers a much wider range of lens options, and by using third-party adapters, it’s even possible to attach high-end DSLR lenses from big names like Canon.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like buying a $1500+ lens for use with the High Quality Camera, Raspberry Pi is also partnering with a handful of approved sellers to provide a range of third-party lenses, with the first two being a $45 6mm CS-mount lens and a $95 16mm C-mount lens.

The High Quality Camera’s Sony IMX 477 back-side illuminated sensor measures 7.99mm diagonally, and features individual pixels of 1.55 microns, which is similar to what you’d find on many of today’s flagship smartphones. And based on a handful of sample photos snapped by Raspberry Pi, for something that costs just $95, the results look pretty good.

Raspberry Pi’s Latest Creation Is A $95 High-Quality Camera BoardImage: Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi says that the High Quality Camera is compatible with “almost all” previous Raspberry Models going all the way back to the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B. Additionally, for older Raspberry Pi systems released prior to 2016 that didn’t come with a camera connector, users may still be able to add on the High Quality Camera using Raspberry Pi’s FPC adaptor (available separately).

Also, alongside its new camera board, Raspberry Pi is also releasing a new guide that covers everything you’ll need to know about both the High Quality Camera and the original Camera Module. A printed version of the guide is available for 10 pounds, or you can download it for free as a PDF.

The High Quality Camera is available for sale now.