There’s Been An Apple Powerbeats Pro Leak A Year After Its Release

There’s Been An Apple Powerbeats Pro Leak A Year After Its Release

Last year Apple released the Powerbeats Pro – truly wireless earbuds that sounded great, were comfortable and perfect for working out. Although the case did leave me feeling like an idiot.

It’s been over a year since the Powerbeats Pros hit the market, and yet this week a fresh leak has been attached to them. No, not a new generation, the old ones.

A post on Chinese social media network Weibo indicates that the 2019 Powerbeats Pro will soon be available in four new colours – Cloud Pink, Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, and Lava Red.

The leak confirmed that these are the only changes, so if true the it is definitely about last year’s buds.

Considering they’re only available in muted black, navy moss and ivory tones, getting some hotter colours is a welcome change.

The addition of new colour options may not be the most exciting news in the world, but it is curious – especially considering how long its been since the initial release. It leaves me wondering whether there won’t be a 2020 version of the Powerbeats Pro for us to look forward to.

Of course, this is just a social media leak and could therefore not be accurate at all. Gizmodo Australia has reached out the the Powerbeats PR locally regarding the new colour rumours and whether we can expect new Powerbeats Pros anytime soon.

At the present time Apple’s Powerbeats Pro have an RRP of $349.95 but you can get them a little cheaper if you shop around.


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