Netflix’s Dark Unveils the Last Cycle With a Fiery Season 3 Teaser

Netflix’s Dark Unveils the Last Cycle With a Fiery Season 3 Teaser
Time to burn this mother down. (Image: Netflix, YouTube)

It’s time to bring this circle to a close. The first trailer and a summer release date have been revealed for the surprise Netflix hit about a group of families who’ve become entangled in each other’s lives thanks to a generations-long conspiracy that has brought time itself to its knees.

The German-language series takes place in the fictional town of Winden, which has been plagued by a series of disappearances — including a young child whose vanishing sets everything in motion. Taking place across several decades, with different actors playing the show’s many characters across generations, Dark is about four estranged families whose many secrets, hidden connections, and diabolical plans are exposed thanks to a time travel wormhole in a cave beneath a local nuclear power plant. The series was always planned to cover three “cycles” and from the looks of things, this last is going to be a wild one.

The series is extremely intricate, with a myriad of relationships and connections that would complete any conspiracy theorist’s perfect mood board, and it’s something that deserves to be explored spoiler-free. So I’m not going to say anything further…except that this might be the perfect time to finally get into the series that was so good it prompted Netflix to sign showrunners Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar to the platform’s first multi-year production deal for foreign producers.

Dark returns to Netflix with its third and final season of eight episodes on June 27. The next show the team has in the works is called 1899. It’s about a group of European migrants heading to America who come across another migrant ship floating adrift in the sea, and it only gets more horrifying from there.