Looks Like Baby Yoda Is Getting His Own Lego Set

Looks Like Baby Yoda Is Getting His Own Lego Set
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

The reveal of Baby Yoda at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian was a huge surprise to everyone, but what was more surprising was the fact Disney didn’t have any toys lined up to meet demand during the impending Christmas shopping season. A lot has changed since, but the elephant in the room has been the absence of Lego. Luckily that’s changing.

Baby Yoda is set to exist as some sort of Lego set later this year, in a BrickHeadz double pack and as a minifigure, but now it’s been suggested that there may be a larger statue version – akin to the actual Yoda we got last year.

Lego has been releasing one of these statues every year, with Yoda last year, a Porg in 2018, and BB-8 back in 2017. 2020 has already seen the release of a similar scale set in the form of D-0, but a listing over Slovakian shopping site AutoModely suggests that we’ll be getting a Baby Yoda version.

Of course the set is named after his official (and rubbish) name “The Child”, but the $130 pricetag indicates that this is a larger set. Probably smaller than the $180 Yoda, which is to be expected given Baby Yoda’s baby status, but still well worth getting excited about. It’s not going to be close to life size, but it’s one of the sets many a Lego fan has been hoping for since Baby Yoda first hit our screens.

No release date has been confirmed yet, obviously, but the set will no doubt be released close to The Mandalorian’s second season. That’s due in October, with other related Lego sets hotting shop shelves in August and September.

So assuming COVD-19 doesn’t get in the way, we should expect to see something anytime from late summer. [BrickFanatics]

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