Huge iPhone 12 Leak Reveals Prices, Specs And Four Devices

Huge iPhone 12 Leak Reveals Prices, Specs And Four Devices
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There’s been a few iPhone 12 leaks over the past few weeks, and now another major one from a renowned Apple leaker has come to join the party. A recent video reveals four iPhone 12 devices, along with their key specs and pricing.

The new leaks come courtesy of Jon Prosser, who released a video about the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup on Monday. According to Prosser, there will be four devices in total – iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

We’re still a long way from launch, though, so take these all with a grain of salt. Still, it’s exciting to see what might be in store.

iPhone 12 Specs

The iPhone 12 and 12 Max reportedly have an aluminium body, dual camera setup, 4GB RAM and 128GB/256GB storage options.

The entry level iPhone 12 will apparently have a 5.4-inch BOE OLED Super Retina display, with the 12 Max coming in at 6.1-inches.

The entire iPhone 12 lineup will also be getting Apple’s new A14 chipset and 5G compatibility.

The baseline 5.4-inch is particularly exciting, if true. Apple just released the second generation iPhone SE, which at 4.7-inches is attractive to those who want a smaller iPhone for under $1000.

While the entry-level iPhone 12 would be a bit bigger, its still far smaller than the flagships we’ve seen over the past few years and will have the more modern design, where the SE still has quite a large bezel and home button.

iPhone 12 Price

Prosser has stated that the iPhone 12 will start at $US649 for the 128GB phone and $US749 for the 256GB. As for the iPhone 12 Max is will apparently come in at $US749 for 128GB and $US849 for 256GB.

Interestingly the entry-level iPhone 12 is $US50 cheaper than what the iPhone 11 started at last year – and that’s with 128GB storage, as opposed to 64GB.

While we don’t have Australian pricing yet, the iPhone 11 started at $1,199 here. Even with the slight drop in U.S. starting price (if it’s even true) we are unlikely to see the iPhone 12 to start below $1000 here.

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iPhone 12 Pro Specs

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max varianys are said to have a stainless steel body, a triple lens plus LiDAR camera setup, 6GB RAM and 128GB/256GB/512GB storage options.

The iPhone 12 Pro will apparently have a 6.1-inch Samsung OLED Super Retina XDR with ProMotion and 10-bit Colour Depth. The top-of-the-line 12 Pro Max is said to have the same display but at 6.7-inches.

The entire iPhone 12 Pro lineup will also be getting Apple’s new A14 chipset and 5G compatibility.

For anyone excited by the notion of a 120Hz refresh rate, Prosser is hesitant to confirm it. According to his source, the promotion may be “nerfed” due to the impact that it could have on the battery life. However, he did say that there allegedly won’t be an option to toggle 120Hz on in the settings – it will either be there or it won’t be. So we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out between now and September – or whenever we end up seeing it.

iPhone 12 Pro Price

According to Prosser the iPhone 11 Pro will start at $US999 for 128GB, with the 256GB and 512GB models coming in at $US1,099 and $US1,299.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will allegedly start at $US1,099 for the 128GB version, with the 256GB and 512GB models costing $US1,199 and $US1,399.

Consider the entry-level 64GB iPhone 11 Pro Max started at $1,899 in Australia, and the regular iPhon 11 Pro started at $1,749, be prepared for these fancier units to all be hovering around the $2000 and above mark. Let’s not forget that the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max cost a casual $2,499.

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