I Can’t Stop Scrolling Through This Collection of Incredible Suits From Japanese Superhero Shows

I Can’t Stop Scrolling Through This Collection of Incredible Suits From Japanese Superhero Shows
Uchu Sentai Kyuranger's Shishi Red Orion. That visor! That cowl! Those gems! So good. (Image: TV Asahi, TokuSuits)

Superheroes: they’re keeping it stylin’.

Like the endlessly compelling @TokuGifs before it, the wonderful @TokuSuits is a twitter bot dedicated to the craft of Japanese Tokusatsu shows ” the genre of live-action, effects heavy movies and TV shows that calls everything from Godzilla to the Metal Heroes home, but perhaps most notably outside of the region is what gives us series like Ultraman, Super Sentai (or Power Rangers, as it’s known in adaptation), and Kamen Rider.

Less focused on the inherent, charming zaniness these shows can often have than TokuGifs, Tokusuits just posts pictures of some of the coolest costumes from across decades of superheroic TV. In a time where our own cinematic superheroes trend towards meticulous, grounded, hyperdetailed aesthetics, the bright colours, silly overdesign, and spandex ” so much spandex ” is a reminder of the gleeful, charming simplicity of costumed heroes and villains when we’re just not trying to take them so seriously.

Sometimes TokSuits just posts rad hero costumes. Sometimes it’s the giant robots of Super Sentai because they too are indeed practical suits worn by stunt actors most of the time, and thus worthy of celebration.

Sometimes, it’s the villain suits, be it giant monsters or the antagonists themselves, because scale or alignment be damned, they’re still truly killer costumes.

Sometimes, it’s just good suits, even if some people who have written for this very website are wrong about them.

And now, without further ado: even more very good superhero suits.

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