Grille Bigger Than Before

Grille Bigger Than Before

We already saw the redesigned 2021 BMW 5 Series a couple of weeks ago, but here it is for real now. The headlights are sharper, the wheels are funky and, of course, the classic kidney grille has gotten bigger than it was before.

Just like we all learned how to make “Egg Bigger Than Before,” BMW has been busy trying to perfect its attempts to scale up its iconic kidney grille, usually to the chagrin of enthusiasts. Well the new 5 Series is on trend, and I assume that’s all anyone is going to want to talk about.

Overall, the exterior of the 2021 5 Series is 1.2-inches longer overall, with a taller and wider kidney grille, thinner standard LED headlights, and new darkened taillights.

The stuff BMW probably actually wants us to focus on are the new hybrid models available. The 2021 530e and 530e xDrive come with a 181 horsepower 2.0-litre gas engine with a 107 HP electric drive unit, paired with a 12 kWh battery and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

In sport mode, output is boosted by an additional 40 HP for up to 10 seconds, like if you wanted to dramatically overtake someone unnecessarily, or just achieve the speed limit from a stop very quickly. BMW did not clarify an estimated electric-only range just yet, though it’s probably not much.

Six-cylinder 5 Series cars get a 48-volt starter-generator drivetrain now, which can recuperate energy during deceleration and braking and feed it back into the car’s electronics, or help boost power output.

While the hybrid setup does offer up to an eye-watering 11 hp electric boost when accelerating, the biggest benefit from the battery setup will be the automatic engine start/stop technology, which can operate will less vibration and more efficiency now in part by being able to turn off the engine before the car comes to a stop and quickly restart it.

Reading that is really boring, but living through a rattly engine start/stop becomes very frustrating for me. I almost never leave it turned on if I can help it. Improvement there would do a lot of good, personally.

But who cares! They made the grille bigger, the bastards. The problem you all have to face now is admitting it doesn’t look bad!