Google Pixel 5 Price Leak Points To A More Affordable Flagship Phone

Google Pixel 5 Price Leak Points To A More Affordable Flagship Phone
Image: Gizmodo

The Pixel 5 is still a few months away from release and we’re still waiting on the Pixel 4a’s impending launch, but Google may have spilled the beans on the price of its upcoming flagship and budget handset.

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of a Google survey they were presented with this week asking users which of two Pixel devices they would prefer, given the option: a Google Pixel phone priced at $349 ($533), or a Premium Google Pixel phone priced at $699 ($1,068). The not-so-hypothetical smartphone choices also list a few features of each handset, including a 3.5mm headphone jack for the cheaper model, and “best in class camera” for the more expensive one.

Given what we’ve already heard about the Pixel 4a, it’s likely that the $349 smartphone referenced is Google’s budget offering; the price is around the same as what’s been rumoured so far, and it looks like it’ll be sporting a headphone jack, which is cause for celebration.

Google has one more smartphone set for a 2020 release, and that’s the Pixel 5, so simply by the process of elimination, the ‘premium’ device being referenced in the survey has got to be it. We’ve not heard a great deal about it yet, but there are rumours that the Pixel 5 will be scrapping Motion Sense, making for a possibly cheaper handset. The price in the survey is actually a little less than we’d expect for Google’s flagship device, so it’s possible that the tech giant has cut back on some other features that it doesn’t deem a priority to bring the price down.

Another cost-saving move is the choice of chipset. Since March, there have been rumours that Google will opt for the mid-tier Snapdragon 765 processor rather than the 865; the 765 is 5G ready and takes up less space inside the chassis giving Google room to play – perhaps by popping in a bigger battery and solving one of the bugbears we flagged in the Pixel 4.

The survey is by no means a solid confirmation of anything so take it with a pinch of salt. [via XDA Developers]

Google Pixel 5 Price Leak Points To A More Affordable Flagship Phone

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