Google Pixel 4a Leak Points To Postponed June Launch Date

Google Pixel 4a Leak Points To Postponed June Launch Date

Google hasn’t been particularly forthcoming about the release date for its upcoming Pixel 4a smartphone, but it looks like the handset will be making its debut in just under a month.

After Google cancelled its I/O event, which would have taken place this week, we’ve been wondering when it’s planning to unveil the Pixel 4a and it looks like the answer to that question is June 5, 2020. The date comes from German website Caschys Blog which you may remember because it’s the same site that managed to get hold of internal documents from Vodafone that revealed a May 22 release for the phone. But now it seems that the network operator has updated its database because the launch has been postponed.

The new date for the Pixel 4a to be hitting shelves is June 5, which works out nicely as it’s just a couple of days after Google’s Android 11 Beta Launch Show which is scheduled for June 3. Google’s announcement for the show stated that there’ll be “a whole bunch of other stuff we’re not ready to tell you about yet” taking place, so it’s not a stretch to imagine the tech giant unveiling its latest phone during the event. Especially as it doesn’t appear to have a separate event planned for its smartphone reveal. [Android Police]

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

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