You Can Play Fallout Shelter In Teslas Now

You Can Play Fallout Shelter In Teslas Now

Tesla drivers have been able to play games in their cars for awhile now. What began as somewhat dodgy arcade games has branched out into more modern and beloved games such as Cuphead and Stardew Valley. Now it will let you venture into the wasteland with the addition of Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter comes as part of Tesla’s 2020.20 update, which also includes some new features for the TRAX music app and Tesla Theater.

“With this release, you can now play, pause, and skip video playback with your steering wheel controls while using Theater Mode. As usual, Theater Mode is only available while your vehicle is in ‘PARK’,” the Tesla patch notes said.

The only really downside to Fallout Shelter is that it its currently only playable via touch screen. This is possibly because the game itself originated on mobile devices. Most other games in Tesla Arcade became playable with an Xbox Controller after the car manufascturer added support for it back in 2019. Its super easy to use as it only needs to be plugged into one of the USb ports in the vehicle. I personally used it to play Stardew Valley and it was great.

It’s unclear whether Fallout Shelter will receive Xbox controller support in the future.

Gamers also don’t need to be restricted by the installed games in their Tesla, according to Teslarati. Thanks to an app called Rainway, you can now play a tonne of PC games from inside a Tesla. It works by streaming the game from a host computer to the app in a Tesla or other compatible device.

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