This Month In Dash Cams: Casually Reversing Up The Highway

This Month In Dash Cams: Casually Reversing Up The Highway

We made be in the middle of a pandemic but that doesn’t mean that people can’t find time to be absolute menaces on Aussie roads. Dash Cam Owners Australia has just released its May compilation and its a doozy.

This month you can cringe along to lost tyres, a bunch of car vs. semi trailer near-misses and one bloke speeding up the wrong side of a main road in broad daylight like it’s no big deal.

If that’s not enough to whet your chaotic appetite there is also a “Tokyo Drift” (their words, not mine) situation through a red light, an EDM cyclist, a cop car disrespecting the laws of the roundabout and someone casually reversing down a highway. You know, just normal driving things.

And of course you’ll find a health dose of c-bombs and creative use of the f-word as per usual.

You can view the whole 10 joyous minutes below:

You can enjoy more from Dash Cam Owners Australia over on their YouTube channel. We also have also written about plenty of their crazy antics on Gizmodo Australia, which you can check out right here. This includes an IRL Untitled Goose Game situation, a ye olde water pistol fight at some traffic lights and an imagined lightsaber battle in the middle of the road. Alternatively, there was the time that a jet ski was driving on the road. You’re welcome.


This Month In Dash Cams: Ye Olde Water Pistol Fight At The Traffic Lights

A fresh year means a fresh batch of Australia’s finest being captured doing dumb, dangerous and sometimes-hilarious things on the road. Dash Cam Owners Australia is back for 2020 and they’re coming in strong with runaway furniture, fanging a rise-on mower on the road and some questionable usage cases for roundabouts.

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